Uma escrita da História no tempo das contingências

The Creaturely Voice (Citação)

The claim that I would like to unpack, nestled within the very term “creaturely voice”, is that many animals have the capacity for voice, which is not merely an evolutionary expedience to find mates, scare enemies, or communicate food sources but is also a sonic exploration of ontological conditions. It is way of testing the world and one’s location, role, and value in it. In other words, monkeys, birds, whales, and so on test their own existence and relationship with the world through vocalizations, sometimes in similar ways to ours, employing methods that are at once phatic, banal, and miraculous. They are the nonsynbolic equivalents of “I’m here.” “Where are you?” “Are you really there?” “Who are you?” “Fort-da.” “Marco.” “Polo.” These are unspoken – and yet at lest partially communicated – messages woven into the ever-vanishing yet always returning medium of the voice.

PETTMAN, Dominic. Sonic Intimacy: voice, species, technics (or how to listen to the world). Stanford University Press, 2017.

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